Artwaley: The start of a new journey


Artwaley is a creative international marketplace for buying and selling art. It is committed to serve the growing community of art collectors, and create a cultural bridge between both national and international community at large. We aim to create a platform with global reach to promote all artists helping them display and sell their paintings.


Artwaley’s website has 150+ artists from different states of India, with 1500+ paintings.

Our Journey so far:

  • Owns 1500+ hand painted original artwork  & counting….
  • Associated with 125 + Artist with versatile experience.
  • Gallery at Deshpande Foundation and Hotel Naveen.
  • Shortly coming up with 10,000 + sq ft. gallery at Deshpande Foundation Incubation.
  • Franchise at Chennai and Dubai.
  • Upcoming Franchise: Kolkata, Goa, Bhillwara, Nasik, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bellary and Chandigarh.


We deal with all types of paintings like canvas painting, Acrylic paintings, Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Sketch, Portraits, Abstract Paintings, figurative, Landscape, Modern Art, Vastu Paintings, Religion Paintings etc.,Our artwork range includes:

  • Abstract Art
  • Conceptual Art
  • Modern & Contemporary Art
  • Realistic & Semi Realistic Art
  • Pop Art
  • Minimalism Art
  • Impressionism & Fauvism Art etc.

Artwaley believes in contributing to the society. A large number of Artwaley paintings were auctioned and the funds collected were donated to the Agastya Foundation, Ushas School for Exceptional Children at Deshpande foundation, Hubli.

Also, one of our finest Jainism painting was auctioned at a big amount of Rs 11, 00,000 and the whole money was donated to a Jain Temple in Hubli.

Our Testimonials:

“Priyal is a gifted artist. Her painting of Lord Ganesha is in main hall of our house. It is so perfect and divine that it captured the attention of everyone. I wish her great success in her creative field. May many more get inspired through her.”
-Dr.Radhakrishnan Pillai (Author – Corporate Chanakya, University of Mumbai)
“Priyal Will read about you in the paper soon. Thank you for being yourself & for being so passionate & kind” Follow your heart.
-Ms. Ananya Birla
“Ronnie and I live your gorgeous painting of a Labrador. We fell in love with it coz it looks exactly like our dog Sprite. We love the innovative way you’ve used colors as well. Wish u every success.”
-Zarina Screwvala
“Priyal, your painting is in a vantage point in our office it portrays color and life and human emotions all in one I am sure you enjoyed painting is as much as we are going to enjoy staring at it. We have a lovely Labrador at home so this makes it an even more special painting.”
  -Ronnie Screwvala (Founder & CEO, UTV)


To purchase our artworks, log on to our website and browse through the wide range of paintings online. Be greeted by a variety of relevant artworks that reflect your taste. Whether you are keen on modern art or have interest for ancient culture or Indian tradition, you can easily find the perfect artworks that meet your requirements.



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