Cityscape Artworks


The cityscape painting or the urban landscape painting is an art depends on cities
scenes and all about it such as; streets, building, types, composition and all cities
elements. It considered the cities as a source of inspiration, though it reflects all the
differences sides of the cities like Identity, anciently, modernity, size, density,
interstitial space built forms, and of course its architectural design.

Moreover, this art reflects all the differences between the artists’ technical trends and the artistic visions of each one separately in wholly different impressions.Therefore, this
research will try to find the mutual effect relationship between the artist and the city,
through an analytical comparison in some contemporary different models of
paintings that dealt with the cities as a subject.

Urban cityscapes have been a significant part of the recent art history, from impressionist works by Pissaro and Monet through the paintings of American cities by George Bellows to abstract landscapes of Willem de Kooning. Paris was one of the favorite subjects of impressionist painters, from Manet and Caillebotte to Renoir and Monet. Attracted by the innovative elements of the modern city, impressionists created impressive cityscapes that were even admired by the critics of that time.

So let’s take a look at the most Amazing cityscape artworks from Artwaley!



                                                                    Click here to buy



                                                                    Click here to buy

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