A Detailed guide on the relation between Vastu and paintings.

Paintings play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vastu – shastra. In vastu, paintings can influence and support energies; bringing in plenty of luck across spheres, such as finance, education, relationships, health, children and social status-quo, amongst many others. A Vaastu painting not only invokes a spark and a touch of elegance to the house, but would bring in positive vibes and energies too.

Colours are the most straightforward approach to change Negative Energy to Positive Energy. Making utilization of appropriate paintings in your home or office can have numerous constructive outcomes, on your wellbeing and riches as well as for your significant serenity.

Works of art are the vital tool to harness the universal life energies. Adjusted positive energies in the fine art bring good fortunes and positivism. The positive colors and depiction in the artistic creations pull in riches, wellbeing, and success. What’s more, artistic paintings as indicated by Vastu can enable you to accomplish them all.

Let’s take a look at the significance of painting and the type of paintings you should consider in Vastu more closer.


Placing an artwork of Straight ways and roads symbolizes that there are a lot of opportunities ahead, great to be placed near the door entrance.


To bring improvement in a relationship one should make use of paintings such as love birds, couples, etc.


Paintings of running horses, mountains and waterfalls in the child study room will help gain more concentration in Studies.



It is said that hanging the work of art of a bamboo plant at the passage of your home is a brilliant Feng Shui practise. This will ensure that your home is constantly loaded with wealth and prosperity.



A painting of a flowing river or fish in the fortune zone of your house can bring in stability for you — such a painting, when placed in the main area of your house, where you store your money will provide stability in your life.



Directions in which the paintings are to be placed:






However, the Vastu specification is different for every individual based on their date of birth and you can always consult a vastu specialist for any confirmation required.

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