Cityscape Artworks


The cityscape painting or the urban landscape painting is an art depends on cities
scenes and all about it such as; streets, building, types, composition and all cities
elements. It considered the cities as a source of inspiration, though it reflects all the
differences sides of the cities like Identity, anciently, modernity, size, density,
interstitial space built forms, and of course its architectural design.

Moreover, this art reflects all the differences between the artists’ technical trends and the artistic visions of each one separately in wholly different impressions.Therefore, this
research will try to find the mutual effect relationship between the artist and the city,
through an analytical comparison in some contemporary different models of
paintings that dealt with the cities as a subject.

Urban cityscapes have been a significant part of the recent art history, from impressionist works by Pissaro and Monet through the paintings of American cities by George Bellows to abstract landscapes of Willem de Kooning. Paris was one of the favorite subjects of impressionist painters, from Manet and Caillebotte to Renoir and Monet. Attracted by the innovative elements of the modern city, impressionists created impressive cityscapes that were even admired by the critics of that time.

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Artwaley blogpost #05: Pop Artworks

A form of art that depicts objects or scenes from everyday life and employs techniques of commercial art and popular illustration.The moment was marked by clear lines, sharp artwork and clear representations of symbols, objects and people commonly found on popular culture.

Pop art (1)


Three Important Features of pop art:

  • Clean and sharp artwork
  • Bright and fluorescent colors
  • Products or iconic figures

The goal of Pop Art was to bring art closer to the general public – to create art with elements of mass culture, that are known to everybody. It’s characterized by a lot of humor, irony and sarcasm towards its own achievements and subjects of interest.


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Pop Art is one of the most “popular” art movements of the Modern Era. Pop Art is an art form that reflected a return to material realities of peoples’ everyday life. It actually means the return to popular culture, thus the name “pop.” This art derives its style from the visual activities and pleasures of people: television, magazines and comics.


The Pop art movement is defined by themes and techniques drawn from the popular mass culture. Areas like advertising, mundane cultural objects and comic books. This art movement is considered a reaction to the ideas of abstract expressionism. Pop Art employed images of popular culture in art, emphasizing banal elements of any culture, usually through the use of irony.


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Artwaley: blogpost #4 (common media used in Artworks)



Acrylics can be used in many different ways to create many different styles of art. Acrylics are water-based, which means that unlike oil paints, they can be thinned with water and cleaned with water. They are also non-toxic and non-smelly. For the eco or health-conscious, this makes acrylics a more attractive option. Acrylic paints can mimic the quality of oil paints, but without the toxicity and clean-up issues that go along with oils. When thinned with lots of water, acrylics can also mimic the qualities of water.

An acrylic painting from artwaley:


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Acrylics are very versatile, which means they can achieve many different effects and be easily used for a variety of styles. For instance, they can be applied thickly or thinly. The texture and consistency can be modified with acrylic gels, acrylic medium, or pastes to create various effects. Acrylic paint lends itself well to mixed media applications, which further broadens the possibilities of painting with acrylics. The most popular surfaces for painting with acrylics are canvas, wood, or paper. If you get bored with the brush, you can use a variety of other tools, such as scrapers, toothpicks, sponges, Q-tips, etc to create various effects.



Watercolors are water-based and non-toxic, so paints are thinned with water and paintbrushes can be easily cleaned with soap and water. They are also non-smelly.


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Watercolor works well with colored pencil, watercolor pencils, graphite and ink for creating mixed media pieces. Watercolors are traditionally painted on watercolor paper, but these days you can also buy watercolor canvas, which is a special canvas made specifically for use with watercolors. You can even get creative and paint on antique book pages or other vintage ephemera, like old postcards.Watercolor paint generally has a translucent quality, which is great for ethereal or emotive effects.


Aside from pencil, pen and ink drawings are probably the most portable, convenient, and low-cost form of art making. All you need is a pen and a piece of paper, and you’re ready to make art!

There are many types of pens available for drawing, such as:

  • fountain pens
  • graphic pens
  • drafting pens
  • reed pens
  • and even ball point pens.

Any of these types of pens can be used to create fine art!If you are using only one color ink on paper, you’ll basically be working in two colors: the color of your ink, and the color of your paper. Each will play off the other. In pen and ink drawings, the blank space is just as important as the markings you make with the pen.POP1001

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Oil painting is the process of painting with pigments that are held together with a type of oil that dries when exposed to air, called drying oil. When the oil is mixed with a powdered pigment, it creates a color of paint. Different pigments create different colors. Since prehistoric times, natural pigments, such as minerals and shells, were used. After the industrial revolution, people were able to create new colors using machines that could create synthetic pigments. It provides a surface translucency similar to human skin making it an ideal for portrait painting.


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Significance of Horses in Vastu Paintings

Horses, specifically seven galloping horses, have a great significance in Vastu . Horse, in Vastu , symbolizes success and power. A seven horse painting in your house or office leads to progress and success in your job or business.


A Vastu painting not only invokes a spark and a touch of elegance to the house, but would bring in positive vibes and energies too.

As per vastu, it is said that running horse painting effects in getting rid of the finance problem. We cannot deny that everything revolves around money in practical world however we also assume money is not everything. But when it comes to the business or profit and loss, everybody is concerned about money.


Since both in vastu and Feng Shui horses are a symbol of power, success and authority, the best places to have them are in the living room (near the entrance of the house), at your work desk or in your office.

Galloping Red Horses improves your business aggressively by Steady flow of orders/ jobs thereby increase in cash flow, reputation and fame as red is a symbol of aggressiveness and horse is a symbol of power/ stamina.


Galloping white horses ensures better and smooth in the flow of money. It helps to remove obstacles relating to financial issues.


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Artwaley: The start of a new journey


Artwaley is a creative international marketplace for buying and selling art. It is committed to serve the growing community of art collectors, and create a cultural bridge between both national and international community at large. We aim to create a platform with global reach to promote all artists helping them display and sell their paintings.


Artwaley’s website has 150+ artists from different states of India, with 1500+ paintings.

Our Journey so far:

  • Owns 1500+ hand painted original artwork  & counting….
  • Associated with 125 + Artist with versatile experience.
  • Gallery at Deshpande Foundation and Hotel Naveen.
  • Shortly coming up with 10,000 + sq ft. gallery at Deshpande Foundation Incubation.
  • Franchise at Chennai and Dubai.
  • Upcoming Franchise: Kolkata, Goa, Bhillwara, Nasik, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bellary and Chandigarh.


We deal with all types of paintings like canvas painting, Acrylic paintings, Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Sketch, Portraits, Abstract Paintings, figurative, Landscape, Modern Art, Vastu Paintings, Religion Paintings etc.,Our artwork range includes:

  • Abstract Art
  • Conceptual Art
  • Modern & Contemporary Art
  • Realistic & Semi Realistic Art
  • Pop Art
  • Minimalism Art
  • Impressionism & Fauvism Art etc.

Artwaley believes in contributing to the society. A large number of Artwaley paintings were auctioned and the funds collected were donated to the Agastya Foundation, Ushas School for Exceptional Children at Deshpande foundation, Hubli.

Also, one of our finest Jainism painting was auctioned at a big amount of Rs 11, 00,000 and the whole money was donated to a Jain Temple in Hubli.

Our Testimonials:

“Priyal is a gifted artist. Her painting of Lord Ganesha is in main hall of our house. It is so perfect and divine that it captured the attention of everyone. I wish her great success in her creative field. May many more get inspired through her.”
-Dr.Radhakrishnan Pillai (Author – Corporate Chanakya, University of Mumbai)
“Priyal Will read about you in the paper soon. Thank you for being yourself & for being so passionate & kind” Follow your heart.
-Ms. Ananya Birla
“Ronnie and I live your gorgeous painting of a Labrador. We fell in love with it coz it looks exactly like our dog Sprite. We love the innovative way you’ve used colors as well. Wish u every success.”
-Zarina Screwvala
“Priyal, your painting is in a vantage point in our office it portrays color and life and human emotions all in one I am sure you enjoyed painting is as much as we are going to enjoy staring at it. We have a lovely Labrador at home so this makes it an even more special painting.”
  -Ronnie Screwvala (Founder & CEO, UTV)


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Indian Art History: Warli Artworks

What are Warli paintings?

Warli paintings are the tribal wall paintings of the warli tribes of Maharashtra.Warli paintings generally depict the normal life-like images of human beings and animals, along with scenes from daily life. They also depict hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting scenes. White is the only colour used in creating these paintings, with occasional dots in red and yellow. This colour is prepared by grounding rice into white powder.

2067 (1)

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The wall paintings by the Warlis use a very basic graphic vocabulary: a circle, a triangle and a square. The circle and triangle come from their observation of nature – the circle representing the sun and the moon, the triangle derived from mountains and pointed trees.


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The central motive in each ritual painting is the square, known as the “chauk” or “chaukat”, mostly of two types: Devchauk and Lagnacha Chauk.

Devchauk (God’s Square): It is made with an outline of a square drawn on the inside of the house wall. They start filling up the squarish frame towards inside from these four lines with geometrical strips.


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Lagnacha Chauk (Marriage Square): In this painting a decorative square is drawn and in its centre a suhasinis (married women) draw a horse on which the bride, groom and groom’s sister is shown sitting.


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The wall paintings are created mostly for special occasions such as weddings or harvests. This activity was a preserve of the women folk until the late 1970s, which is when Jivya Soma Mashe revolutionised the world of Warli Art.We are quite familiar with the growing popularity of Warli Art which is currently a hot trend on mugs, lanterns, walls, paintings, Did you know that the Warli origins go back to 2500 BC? It is indeed incredible that this tribal art is still in vogue after centuries of use!

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Landscape Artworks


These artworks depict the scenery of the natural world. Landscapes are works of art that feature scenes of nature: mountains, lakes, gardens, rivers, etc. One way or another, landscape paintings are evergreen, they simply never get old. Their popularity may increase or decrease from time to time, but it remains high.

Types of Landscape art:

Representational Landscape Art:

Representational landscape art focuses on the naturally occurring beauty of nature, and paints a realistic picture of the subject.


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Impressionistic Landscape Art:

Impressionistic landscape art focuses on depicting a realistic scene in an almost unrealistic light.


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Abstract Landscape Art:

Abstract landscape art relies less on the surrounding environment of the landscape, and more on the representation of the main subject of the image.


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